Your equestrian business marketing: Are you being effective?

Consider these 9 elements of marketing and make this year amazeballs!

Ask yourself these questions, be honest and take action steps.  Let's make 2019 amazing!  


Does your branding accurately reflect your business?  Is it immediately recognisable? Does your tagline differentiate your brand? Do you use a style guide? Is it time for a refresh?

Branding is the voice of your product and should be immediately recognisable.  

branding 2


Are your advertisements clear? Do they standout from the crowd or get swallowed up on the pages? You're spending money to place advertisements and should be using a professional to design and produce them. Make your ads work for you by accurately reinforcing your business brand and affectively communicating your marketing message.

hair adverts-2


Are you regularly contacting your clients and prospects?  Is your database working for you?  Are you actively growing your database? Are you able to utilise an affiliate database to grow your sales?

email marketing

Relationship Marketing

Research suggests that it takes 7 contacts before a relationship is established and a prospective customer is comfortable enough to do business with you.  This relationship can be built across many mediums.  Have you built trust and respect in your brand through multiple "touches"?  


Organic and paid searches

If prospects are searching for your product and ask Mr Google, does your business come up?  Is your SEO working for you?  Are you producing remarkable content to enhance the chances of your business being found? Is your website easily found?

content marketing


Is your website easy to navigate? Is it fresh? Is it fast and responsive? Is it optimized? Is the branding consistent? Do all the links work? Is there plenty of content? Do you add new content regularly?

your website

Marketing strategy

Do you have a diverse marketing strategy?  Does it include digital media? Print media? Direct marketing? Social media? Relying on just one marketing channel can limit growth, too many can be cost prohibitive.


Call to Action

Does all your marketing have a Call to Action?  Is it easy for prospects to contact you? Are you just hoping for a positive result from your marketing efforts? Are you using your marketing efforts to capture prospects? Do you use landing pages, with offers a Call to Action to attract new prospects?



Do you use automated emails? Do you respond to every task and remember to set reminders to take follow up action?  Are many of your responses similar, but you type each response regardless?


Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever considered using affiliate marketing? Are you able to leverage your product using traffic from another site? 

affiliate marketing

Equestrian Hub Marketing specialise in promoting equestrian businesses and can help you with all these challenges.  If you feel you are a little behind in any aspect of your marketing, click the link below and shoot us a message.  We don't bight and we could help make 2019 your BEST YEAR YET! 

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