10 Great Ways To Grow Your Equestrian Business


Owning an equestrian business can be exciting and rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work. In fact if you want to run it successfully, then you cannot afford to take your business marketing efforts lightly. Like it or not, the internet is here to stay, with trends changing every few months in the technical world and with social media holding a firm foot hold, especially when growing an equestrian business.

Social media is the key to increase the presence and visibility of your equestrian brand. Companies that have a lack lustre or sluggish online profile are getting left behind in this dynamic and ever-changing environment. If you look-forward to attract new clients and building a stronger relationship with the existing ones, then here are ‘10 great ways to grow your equestrian business’ that you can put to work today!

Create a Captivating Website

In today’s day and age, having a great website is not a just good-to-have but a must-have. Your website is often a client’s first impression of your business. So if you want it to portray your business in a positive and professional light, then it is vital to have an interesting website with really crisp and catchy messaging. There are a few elements that when put together make up for a well-intended, captivating website. Some of them are - an appealing layout, great copywriting, user-friendliness for easy viewing and searching, success stories and blog, client testimonials and your contact details. Of course, all of these elements have to be aligned and matching with one single philosophy or message that you want your business to be known and remembered for.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media is the most powerful marketing medium today. It is the fastest way to raise your product profile and spread brand awareness to an equestrian audience. Creating profiles on the top social media websites creates a voice and a face for your company, which will give more incentive to trust your equestrian business. It can’t be emphasized enough that if you’re not using social media to promote your business and business offering already, then it’s time that you must start.

As you start out, pick one or two social media channels (Facebook, Instagram etc.) and create a presence for your business. Building your brand online takes time, but if you put in the effort and dedication, you will be rewarded for your work by a rise in interest, popularity and sales of your products and/or services. Availability and convenience are important in any business and the best way to provide this, is by giving an easy online access of your business offerings to your clients and prospects. Along with this, be sure to stay active on social media and respond to client requests promptly.

Do a Giveaway

Giveaways can quickly generate attention for and towards your business. You can consider what types of giveaways would be most useful and think about combining them with your social media marketing initiatives. It is a great strategy to increase the traffic and engagement on your social media pages and website. If executed well, in all likeliness it will result in the increase in the followers and subscribers of your business on social media. It goes without saying, more engagement and positive word-of-mouth brings more sales.

Make an Email Address Database

Be sure to try to gather your clients email addresses, with their consent, of course. With persistent efforts, you can very quickly build an email database for your equestrian business. This way, you can send out monthly or quarterly email newsletters. Emails and newsletters are a low-cost yet effective marketing method.

Host an Open House Day

Depending on what type of business you run, it may be appropriate to host an open house day so that the public can come in and see what you do. Stable open houses are particularly fascinating and can garner interest in your business and programs.

Sponsor a Class at a Local Show

Want to reach out to the local horse community have your business get noticed? A quick and simple way to do this is by sponsoring a class or a section at a local horse show. Many show owners and organizers will place your business card in the program if you sponsor a section, and this can be great local advertising!


Advertising, both print and digital, can go a long way in pulling attention and bringing in new clients. But before you advertise, do some research on which outlets or exhibits your desired clients tend to frequent. Undoubtedly, It’s well worth the cost to hire a professional designer to create the ads for you. Consider offering some special discounts or offers in the ad to encourage people to contact you and to make it easier to track the ad’s results.

Stay engaged, participate in events and cover your story on social media

Create an active social media presence from your nearby equestrian events and exhibits that you participate in. You can cover the event by- live streaming your brand activities at your store or exhibit, creating videos, interviewing customers on camera, posting photos of customers using your products. Participating in well-known industry events not only helps to bring new stories and active social media presence, but also increases your awareness of what’s latest, up and coming in the horse industry.

Blog-on you story!

Blogging is a very versatile tool in the equestrian world. The equestrian industry seem to be embracing this way of blogging to promote their equestrian businesses, competitions or their chosen equine area of expertise. Most websites these days have a blog section attached to them, which can then be linked to their social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

When people are looking for a product or a service, the majority will turn to the internet and search for information through a search engine. Blogging is about having conversations in a public space, speaking through presenting good content about a topic. This can be relating to a business service, a product, a frequent problem or just a good experience which is equine related.

It is a great platform to showcase an equestrian product or service, that you are trying to promote, using links within the post direct to your website. Thousands of blogs are started each day, with the majority failing to be kept up to date. Consistency and continuity is at the heart of having your brand forefront on a news feed on social media pages. If your list of topics is exhausted, then look to current equestrian news and give your followers your opinion and views.

Make sure your posts are visually interesting. Use images of your products, video clips or podcasts. The more it’s appealing to the eye, the more potential clients will stop, click and read. So keep your blogging up to date and at least post an article once a week to keep your clients interested in your business and brand!

Have a solid content strategy to promote your equestrian business- Having an effective content strategy is very important if you want to grab and keep the attention of your equestrian audience. This needs to be a careful mix of promotion of your products, testimonials with product or service reviews, but not over egging your brand to bore the followers swiping through the news feed!

A few prompts to make some interesting content for your social media posts can be- talking about current affair topics related to horse industry, supporting equestrian sports and posting that funny picture of a horse pulling a stupid face with a quirky quote. This engages your audience, encouraging likes, shares/retweets, thus pushing your brand out to the equestrian audience who are your potential clients.

Marketing in the equine industry is growing, with many turning to professionals to help them through the minefield of social media and SEO (search engine optimization). If marketing your equestrian business has left you stumped, it will be a good idea to hire a marketing manager, or a company such as Equestrian Hub Marketing, who can help you along the way. With an expert on board, your company will be steered to an expanding equestrian audience.

However with a little know how and research there is no reason why you cannot promote your equestrian business, instead of using an external marketing team. Using strategies such as- posting regularly on social media and writing blog posts that are of genuine interest to your clients- you can make sure that our brand is at the forefront through the top search engines. The end goal in any case is to make you aware of the changing trends and keep your company top of the social media game.

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