Branding your equestrian business. 5 reasons why it is worth the effort

In general, “branding your business” means creating an image, design, or logo that identifies your goods and separates them from those of the competition. When you talk about branding for your equestrian business, the meaning gets more specific. The large number of equestrian businesses out there makes branding an essential marketing strategy. Regardless of your business size, how you operate, or the types of products you sell, you need to focus on quality branding for several reasons. Branding your equestrian business…

1. Builds Product Familiarity

Does your business supply quality feeds for horses? Or do you specialise in novelty items featuring a specific horse breed? Although your business belongs to the same niche as all the others, yours is a specific sub-niche. Your products will appeal to a select group of customers. Branding lets those customers recognise your name and associate it with the items they want to buy. When they see your name or logo, they know they can find what they are looking for.  

2. Creates Trust

When you build brand identity, your customers learn what to expect. They associate the right kind of products, quality performance, and great customer service just by recognising your brand. Trust is important with any type of business, but especially so for those in the equestrian industry. When horse owners or service providers buy feed, supplements, grooming, training, or performance products, quality matters. They need products they can count on to get a healthy horse that performs to its potential.

3. Opens the Door for Future Products or Services

Once your customers learn what your brand stands for, expanding your product line is a lot easier. If you want to grow your equestrian business into one that is known around the globe, you have to start by building your brand.

4. Drives More Customers to Your Website

Every single business needs a well-structured website in order to be successful. Even if you operate on a local scale, most customers start their searches with their smart phones. If you sell items internationally or globally, your website is even more important. But even the best website design isn’t enough to sell products if you don’t build your brand. Your customers have to know what they’re looking for and that your website is a dependable place to find it.

5. Increases Revenue

Isn’t that what you want from your equestrian business in the first place? Good branding practices help your customers recognise your products and your company name at first sight. Branding increases familiarity with the quality and line of products you offer. Once they know yours is the business they trust, they will go to your website to find and purchase more of the equestrian products they need. If you use good branding, it will increase your revenue.

Most of us are swayed by a company’s branding almost every day even though we don’t think about it. When you order pizza, it’s probably from the same restaurant. When you purchase a new car, you probably shop for a certain brand. That’s because these companies have created a brand that gives us something we want. It makes them stand out from other businesses.

branding 2


Building your brand helps people in all areas of the equestrian industry narrow down their search for products they want or need. It’s an important part of your marketing strategy.  Use multiple venues to get your message out there. Advertise on social media, through equestrian publications, and through email marketing. Acknowledge your customers’ positive reviews and consider how to change those that aren’t so positive. It takes creating the right message, delivering it to the right people, and following through with the quality products and services you promised them.

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